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Attention fans! [Jul 15th, 2004
- 12:55pm]

Please check out this hot new community

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graphics.. [Apr 29th, 2004
- 12:30pm]

[ mood | okay ]

hey hey everyone what is up? anywho here are some Kimberly Caldwell Graphics I made! enjoy!!

PLEASE credit if you take anything! and comment!

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[Mar 28th, 2004
- 5:00pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Clips from Caldwell's new album are now up on Promosquad.

Go download. They're EXCELLENT.

Love and Other Indoor Sports

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[Mar 12th, 2004
- 1:53pm]

Hey everyone!!

I made a Paula Abdul Community last night..

I hope you all will join!

It looks crappy now but I'm going to fix it up awesome over the weekend!

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Kim at launch for the "American Idol" Fragrance [Feb 14th, 2004
- 11:25am]

[ mood | chipper ]

hehe this is cool! I didn't know there'd be an american idol fragrance!! I want some!!!

Kim at the launch sorry they are wireimage but you can still see her good.

Here is the website.
by the way, Happy Valentines day! :)

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idol 3 audition clip! [Jan 16th, 2004
- 2:58pm]
Finally...American Idol Season 3!! I've been waiting for this to start.
Found some clips of the initial auditions
The countdown begins -- only 3 days til the new episode on Monday
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happy new year [Dec 31st, 2003
- 3:46pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey Hey.. I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year Hope ya have a good one and safe one.

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merry christmas [Dec 24th, 2003
- 2:56pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Hey hey.. I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Christmas..take care.. *HUGS*

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[Dec 6th, 2003
- 11:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]

New person, old fan. *waviedoos*

This community needs livening up.

Any thoughts on the Corey/Trenyce/Kim threesome?

No Longer an Astronuat

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[Sep 13th, 2003
- 6:53pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I just created a new RPG for American Idol 2, and I need rpgers... I I'm going to be seacrest but if someone has to be him I can talk to them about it.. Please join, its gonna be awesome, all i ask is that u have a lj for your character and if you can not get a journal for them I can get you a code without any problems.. just post who you want to be and whoever asks first will get that person first. thanks!

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Just something interesting... [Sep 5th, 2003
- 8:39pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Kristy Caldwell is in my algebra 2 class this year. lol. she's a senior. they don't look alike at all really. she's really nice!

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Teen Choice [Jun 23rd, 2003
- 12:59am]

Kim was nominated for a Teen Choice Award....

Vote here..

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Kim gets great review! [May 23rd, 2003
- 4:25pm]

This the the amazon.com review of the AI Love Songs CD. This is NOT one of the reviews that regular people write themselves. It's from an amazon.com editor..

Editorial Reviews
Interested in visiting your favorite contestants from the second season of American Idol? Then this is the album for you, but be forewarned that something is lost in the translation from the small screen to the compact disc. Simon Cowell's scathing comments and Paula Abdul's head tossing add to the human drama; without those visual embellishments, the recorded version falls flat. Sure this is a talented bunch, but the material is mundane, with few of the finalists straying from the traditional arrangements. But when they do, it's sometimes worse. Ruben Stoddard's rendition of the Carpenters hit "Superstar" reeks of misplaced sincerity. The best cut on the disc is Kimberly Caldwell's throaty cover of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly With His Song," which gives the song some well-needed grit. And while Julia Demato's voice is no match for Etta James's full-bodied version of "At Last," Demato gives the classic a fetching kittenish spin. --Jaan Uhelszki
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[May 21st, 2003
- 9:11pm]

Kim looks good tonight.

It's good to see her on the last show...
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Who's the next American Idol? [May 21st, 2003
- 6:09pm]

[ mood | excited ]

2 hour American Idol finale tonight! Who do you want to win? I'd like it to be Clay but most people I talk to say Ruben. Ruben is great but I don't know, Clay's voice just sounds so much better to me. He brought down the house last night with "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"!

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American Idol or Hometown hero? [May 21st, 2003
- 1:30pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The last edition of our school newspaper, The Mane Event, came out yesterday and since Kim was in the graduating class of 2000, we hear about her a lot and here was an article in there.

"Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Kim Caldwell...from Katy, Texas!" Imagine turning on the TV one night, and seeing someone from Katy singing in front of the whole world. Kimberly Caldwell, 2000 graduate, has spent almost an entire lifetime performing and entertaining audiences all over the country. When she was just 11, Caldwell was a junior finalist on the show "Star Search" where she won fives times more than any other junior vocalist had before.
At the age of 12 her family moved to Branson, Missouri so she could pursue a childhood career in performing. There she spent three years starring in the show "Country Tonite," singing and dancing with other kids her age. After leaving Missouri when she was 15, and moving to Biloxi, Mississippi, Caldwell spent a year performing in the "Country Tonite" show there at the Grand Casino.
Following the early stages of her entertainment career, Caldwell returned to Katy, with her family, where she completed high school, graduating from THS in 2000. Just a year before she went on to audition for American Idol, Caldwell tried out for the WB entertainment show "Pop Stars" and made it all the way to the top 15. At so young an age Caldwell was already making lasting impressions and gaining loyal fans, and she was only at the beginning of a promising career.
Caldwell auditioned for the hit reality TV show American Idol in Austin, November of 2002, never expecting what was to come.
"Everyone was so talented," Caldwell said of her American Idol audition. "It took a really long time, so I was really surprised and excited to find out I made it to the top 32."
After 12 total auditions she qualified as one of the top 12 who were to compete on the actual show. Caldwell had an overwhelming performance her first round on American Idol, but was dismissed by a few audience viewer votes. She was selected to come back on her birthday and perform after receiving the wild card from the judges.
"It was my 21st birthday and I was headed out with my friends when I got a call from the producers. They said I received the wild card and I was to come back to perform on the show again." Caldwell said. "That minute we turned around and I got on a plane the next morning for LA."
She performed in eight episodes before leaving American Idol again. Although Caldwell did not remain on the show she says the experience was overwhelming. "It was a fantastic experience and very well worth it," Caldwell said. "We spent days practicing, singing , rehearsing and getting ready for the show each week together. The whole time we all thought of ourselves as 'The American Idol Team' and now we are all the best of friends.
Along with the support from the others on the show, her friends and family are proud of her accomplishments and encourage her to keep moving on.
"I'm really proud of her," junior at THS and sister, Kristy Caldwell said of Kim. "She has wanted to do this her whole life, and I wish her the best."
AS for her future, Caldwell presently is a correspondent for Fox Sports Net's "54321" and soon has plans to move to L.A. There she hopes to pursue a career in entertainment.
"I really admire Jennifer Lopez, because she does it all," Caldwell said. "I would like to some day get to sing, perform and maybe act as a profession. This is definitely only the beginning for me. I plan to pursue my talent and hopefully get to show it to the rest of the world."

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Fan mail [May 7th, 2003
- 6:48pm]

Here's the new address you can send fan mail too:

Kimberly Caldwell
P.O. Box 948
Katy, Texas 77492-0948

I've never sent anybody fan mail before, but I thought some of you might be interested :)
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listen to it... [May 5th, 2003
- 1:42pm]

well, i finally recorded the message that kimberly caldwell left me and have it up on my intro. if anyone wants to hear it you can call up my voicemail: 1-800-980-3926. PLEASE do not leave any rude messages or bash on my voicemail. if you do however want to leave me a message, please feel free to do so. the voicemail is a toll free number and you will not get charged for calling it...enjoy!
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OMG! [May 3rd, 2003
- 11:11pm]

hey fellow kim c fans! just thought i'd share some personal happy news of mine...

KIMBELY CALDWELL CALLED ME! yes, she did! im so happy! not too long ago [before she got voted off] i wrote her a fan letter. i told her everything i wanted to say to her and i left my toll free 800 voicemail number in the letter. i really didn't think she would call but i left the number anyway just in case. then, out of no where theres a message from kimberly caldwell. i can't believe that she actually took the time to leave me a message. she's so sweet!

btw, i will be recording the message that she left for me and will put it on an intro on my other voicemail, so if anyone wants to hear it...ill post up the number and you can listen to it. i will post about it when i get it done :D
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Kim news! [May 1st, 2003
- 3:46pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Did anybody catch Kim on American Idol last night? I didn't even know this ahead of time, but they brought back most of the contestants that had been voted off to all sing "What the World Needs Now" together. She even sang a little solo part of it. Yay. The rest of the show was a little ridiculous though. They dragged it out forever and then Ruben was in the bottom two. What? And Josh wasn't even there with him. Huh? I expected Trenyce to go pretty soon but I think Josh deserved it this week more than she did. She performed really well on Tuesday.

Anyway, Kim got herself a job already! She is now a special correspondent for the Fox Sports Net show 54321.

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