Tragically Unperfect (tragicx01) wrote in kimcaldwellfan,
Tragically Unperfect


hey fellow kim c fans! just thought i'd share some personal happy news of mine...

KIMBELY CALDWELL CALLED ME! yes, she did! im so happy! not too long ago [before she got voted off] i wrote her a fan letter. i told her everything i wanted to say to her and i left my toll free 800 voicemail number in the letter. i really didn't think she would call but i left the number anyway just in case. then, out of no where theres a message from kimberly caldwell. i can't believe that she actually took the time to leave me a message. she's so sweet!

btw, i will be recording the message that she left for me and will put it on an intro on my other voicemail, so if anyone wants to hear it...ill post up the number and you can listen to it. i will post about it when i get it done :D
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