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Kim gets great review!

This the the amazon.com review of the AI Love Songs CD. This is NOT one of the reviews that regular people write themselves. It's from an amazon.com editor..

Editorial Reviews
Interested in visiting your favorite contestants from the second season of American Idol? Then this is the album for you, but be forewarned that something is lost in the translation from the small screen to the compact disc. Simon Cowell's scathing comments and Paula Abdul's head tossing add to the human drama; without those visual embellishments, the recorded version falls flat. Sure this is a talented bunch, but the material is mundane, with few of the finalists straying from the traditional arrangements. But when they do, it's sometimes worse. Ruben Stoddard's rendition of the Carpenters hit "Superstar" reeks of misplaced sincerity. The best cut on the disc is Kimberly Caldwell's throaty cover of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly With His Song," which gives the song some well-needed grit. And while Julia Demato's voice is no match for Etta James's full-bodied version of "At Last," Demato gives the classic a fetching kittenish spin. --Jaan Uhelszki
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